What have you been reading lately?

“Sing you home” by Jodi Picoult
It’s a wonderful book about unexpected love, frozen embryos and faith.
For more information:

Sing You Home: A Novel

Exam period is here

Why do exams always arrive so quickly?! It feels like yesterday I was laying at the lake thinking “Oh I still have time to study later. The weather is so nice, come on….” And then today I woke up and there it was: my first exam for this semester. Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous at all. As soon as the prof handed out the exam I started writing and didn’t stop until he said “Please come to an end now”. I think I did pretty well, but let’s see.
Now I have to think about the other six exams still coming….!

Plinky – Small things are important! is a website that gives you questions to think and write about. And since I don’t have much time these days, I thought of using it for now….

Name someone who has significantly influenced the way you see the world.

My hostdad.
(I went to Alabama for a High School Year in 2006/07.)

He is amazing! He is so optimistic and at the same time down-to-earth! I could write a lot about him, but one evening sticks out especially.
We went out to grab something to eat in the next big city. We parked at his office and then had to walk a bit. On the way we saw a homeless guy who asked us for money. Most people I know (me included until then) just walk away without even noticing the guy. Well, my hostdad didn’t. He stopped and talked to him, asked for his name, how he was doing. And then he asked what he could get him, went to the next kiosk and bought him something to eat. It was awesome to see the smile on the man’s face! I could see that he enjoyed being noticed as a human being, a man with some problems, but nonetheless a man with feelings and a name.

Since then I always smile at people who ask me for money and say “no, I’m sorry” or actually give them some money. I hope I one day will be able to do small talk just like my hostdad and to be as generous and free of prejudices. He has helped me to see the small wonders you can do for other person’s, that will make their day!

P.S. I could have named many people here. My parents, my family, my friends! They all shaped my vision of the world. But to tell you all about that I would need a lifetime….

New start

My cousin just created a blog and I started to reread my old blog. I decided to give it another try.

I have deleted all of its old content, except the first post I made. I’ll see where this is heading and hope that I will keep blogging this time. One question I have to ask myself though is: In what language will I write the blog? German? English? Both?


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